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The CTS Team

One of the major advantages of working with CTS is our ability to rapidly adapt to change in complex environments. We can do this because of the experience, adaptability and sheer quality of our team of experts.

Our team has many years of direct experience dealing with civil disasters, military conflicts and terrorism in Afghanistan, Africa, the Middle East, the Far East and Europe from the ground up to Governmental levels of control.

All have significant experience in the development and execution of multi-agency exercises in global settings and enjoy international recognition in their specialist domains.

The CTS team employs its broad range of complementary skills to produce truly comprehensive solutions that are tailored to your needs. That's why we're more than just a consultancy, we're a 'do-ancy', enabling you to plan, develop and enact any emergency training scenario, crises management plan or civil emergency exercise.


Our Associates

At CTS, we have a network of highly experienced Associates whose backgrounds and skills are available to complement and enhance our own.

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john cullen

Managing Director

Specialist in leadership training and strategic and operational plan development in complex international environments. Senior strategic and operational planning mentor for NATO.

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Andrew ganon

Advanced Logistics

Logistics specialist with extensive operational experience in complex NATO and other international settings. Successful record of designing and implementing novel logistical solutions in challenging environments including disaster relief. Comprehensive knowledge of the NATO exercise planning process and of the Joint Warfare Centre.

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iain dell

Civil Affairs, Medical

Crisis Management and Training professional with extensive international experience including responding to the ‘7/7’ London bombings, tsunamis, hurricanes, earthquakes and numerous armed conflicts around the world.

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simon dewing

Knowledge and Exercise Development

Specialist in Knowledge Development and exercise construction for all events from the highest geo-political to the lowest tactical level. Co-author of the most realistic training scenario ever used by NATO, currently being used to great acclaim.

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alex mason

Complex Strategic, Operational Environment Analysis

Specialist in the analysis of complex strategic and operational environments and their translation into understandable factors. Co-author of the most realistic training scenario ever used by NATO, currently being used to great acclaim.

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