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Individual Training

& Mentoring

Individual Training and Mentoring from CTS

When you want to train your personnel to be the best, they need to learn from the best. However, those who are the best in their field are not necessarily the best people to train them...

At CTS, we have built a team of expert trainers who deliver the highest quality training in association with highly respected, world leaders in their fields of expertise. Our trainers devise unique training programmes that offer individuals in both corporate and military organisations the in-depth information and insights from renowned experts, coupled with the expertise in rapid and effective training delivery from CTS.

"CTS brought an innate understanding of the organisational planning process and combined it with corporate knowledge of scenario development to make an unbeatable combination."

Customised training for military personnel

We have developed comprehensive and timely programmes of learning for members of Command Groups, Working Groups and Chairs of Boards, to bring them up to speed and enhance their capabilities for campaign management.

For high-ranking officers and staff, we can match their specific skill requirements with renowned experts (SME’s) in that field, bringing a level of insight and real-life experience unrivalled by any other defence consultancy.

CTS has built a reputation for excellence and dependability across international organisations, military and governments. So, well-respected figures are happy to take our call and work with us to devise training that is unique, informed, in-depth and delivered within a timeframe that is appropriate to the content.

Our blended learning approach includes:

  • Presentations
  • 1 to 1 coaching
  • Contact hours with designated, high profile mentors
  • Practice sessions
  • Handbooks
  • Multi-media

Senior mentor support for military trainers

CTS also offer provide Senior Mentor support to NSOs delivering training courses within their own environments. This can include role-playing as a Commander, providing Direction and Guidance, taking back briefs, and providing feedback on performance.

To discuss your particular training and mentoring requirements, contact CTS at john.cullen@ctsda.no