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Exercise Design

Delivery And Scripting

Exercise Design, Delivery And Scripting By CTS

CTS are recognised as world leaders in scenario planning but we are also highly experienced in the design of exercises to test capability and response and the delivery of those exercises across multiple agencies and locations. CTS’s particular expertise lies in supporting the exercise planning process, creating realistic content from strategic to tactical levels tailor-made to your needs.

Military and civil military interaction exercises

CTS has worked with NATO on every major exercise for the past 10 years and each year these exercises are more complex and more involved. CTS has met the challenge of bringing together a cohesive and comprehensive exercise plan and putting in place the required training resources and expertise to make them happen as planned. We create exercises that challenge and enlighten as well as test resilience and capabilities for better, deeper, training and learning.

Expert military training exercise delivery

Most defence consultancies leave you after the planning stage. CTS see every training exercise, military, civil or joint, through from conception to final conclusion. This ensures continuity of purpose, method and approach, so important for post-exercise reporting and assessments. And we can bring that same expertise, precision and delivery to comprehensive training exercises for your business, organisation, NGO, government or joint military force.

“At every stage of the exercise process, from conception through execution, (CTS) have driven the process and helped JWC military staff execute their responsibilities in a way that they could not likely achieved otherwise.”

Simulated exercise scripting services

CTS pride themselves on the scripting of highly realistic storylines and organizational responses, created in consultation with our highly experienced Associates. Drawing on a range of expertise from both civil and military background, we can create scenarios that are realistic and holistic, so that your people experience the exercises with as much sense of reality as possible.

CTS offer:

  • Realistic storylines for crises management or disaster management
  • Accurate, 'real world' scripting for civil and military interactions
  • Comprehensive, accurate scripts for multi-agency exercises involving NGOs
  • Authentic scripts for host nations or organisations playing themselves
  • Expert Associates to ensure the right 'voice' and style for each organisation

“What makes your team different is that they bring the intellectual knowledge to train us at the joint, operational level, because you bring more experienced people from varied backgrounds.”

Military scripting services

With our extensive experience with NATO, our simulated military exercise scripting is second to none, accurately portraying the different characteristics of forces across the world. We have much experience in designing, developing and supporting training events for NATO Joint operational level staffs. We are therefore extremely well-placed to understand what is required to support any HQ through the process of training and qualification.

For more details email us on john.cullen@ctsda.no and we will contact you to discuss your specific requirements.