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CTS Defence Services

CTS are specialists in the creation and delivery of complex scripts, scenarios and settings for multi-agency exercises. CTS was founded to supply just such expertise to NATO and our skills in devising training for challenges presented by complex and fast moving operating environments has been very much in demand ever since.

The team at CTS are your ‘go-to’ emergency planning and crisis management experts for:

Military Team, International Experience

Our former military senior officer teams work with Associates with the highest standard of expertise in a variety of complementary disciplines from politics to logistics, applicable in any operating environment. We provide cost-effective, highly detailed exercise design and deliver from first consultation to final implementation for national military, police forces, international organisations and NGOs.

Highly detailed, informed and cost-effective training

We can analyse and compare your specific needs and requirements against regulations, international best-practice and budgets. We use proven methodology, benchmarks such as NATO High Level Requirements and rigorous Quality Assurance to ensure every exercise works at all command levels and in the field. From internal exercises to major multi-national and multi-agency exercises, CTS has the expertise and experience you need to gain maximum benefit and unbeatable value for money.

Email us at john.cullen@ctsda.no for Small Joint Operation (SJO), Major Joint Operation (MJO) Crisis Response Operation (CRO) scenario and exercises planning, or to discuss your specific requirements for Subject Matter Expert (SME) defence training support.