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Complex Scenario


Complex Scenario Development by CTS

CTS are internationally recognized experts in the development of highly complex training scenarios for both the defence and civil industry. We have participated in all NATO joint exercises since 2009, providing scenario support, SMEs, role players and exercise management.

Building on this extensive experience devising multi-national, multi-agency scenarios for NATO, we offer national governments, agencies and NGOs exceptionally detailed scenarios for effective, realistic training exercises. Our unique skill lies in creating realistic content from strategic to tactical levels, based both on extensive experience in devising such scenarios for NATO and our staff's own real-world experience in the military and with NGOs.

Complex Scenario Development for the Military

Across the globe, military HQs are more reliant on using their own resources to plan and deliver more demanding and complex exercises, whilst actually having fewer people and expertise available. Early engagement with CTS can help you deliver the results you need within a budget you can afford.

Equally, with reductions in operational deployments, commanders are more reliant on training to build readiness rather than in the field experience. In short, today's military commanders need solutions to meet increasing demand for training and training support that cannot be found within traditional sources.

CTS enables customers to concentrate on their daily duties while the scenario is being devised. Our involvement also ensures that each exercise is set up with an agreed timescale, structure and method to evaluate outcomes. Our scenario development also takes into consideration the diverse issues in contemporary operations, including:

  • Multiple conflict drivers
  • Multiple actors
  • Multiple perspectives within any alliance
  • New threats – hybrid, cyber, etc
  • Near simultaneous access to information
  • Citizen journalists.
  • Different tolerance to risk amongst Alliance members
  • Fighting non-state actors, including militias
  • Protection of Civilians, including Gender and Children in Armed Conflict

For more details, please email us at john.cullen@ctsda.no, and we'll contact you.