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Corporate Training

Needs Analysis

Corporate Training Needs Analysis by CTS

Every business ultimately stands or falls on the skill set of its employees, leaders and executives. At CTS, we offer a comprehensive analysis that compares your training needs against regulations, international best-practice and budget requirements.

It's a comprehensive analysis that matches military precision and thoroughness with real world business acumen, and fuelled by the desire to future-proof your employees’ skillsets as far as possible.

How it works

We analyse your training requirements at all levels, including the need to 'train the trainers', and provision of cost-effective, time-efficient 1-2-1 executive training.

CTS will assess your organisation’s needs for a whole variety of training options, including:

  • Team building training
  • Leadership training
  • Crisis management training
  • Crisis communications training
  • Due diligence training
  • 'Road to crises' response training
  • Business continuity planning
  • Change management

We can train your whole organisation, specific group or individuals, according to your specific needs. For more details, contact us via email - john.cullen@ctsda.no

Simulated emergency training for your organisation

Our background is in devising complex, emergency scenarios for NATO exercises, which gives us a unique, holistic world-view when assessing your corporate training needs.

Our scenarios are more than just a straightforward 'what if' storyboard, they are created with all the complexities, interactions and contradictions of the real world. (See our emergency response planning page for more details.)

Training for NGOs and not for profits

For not for profit organisations and NGOs operating in multiple arenas, a co-ordinated, organisation-wide training programme can ensure everyone has the skills required to operate effectively and safely.

For more information, or to book your Training Needs Analysis, email us john.cullen@ctsda.no