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Mission and Risk Assessment by CTS

CTS can assist your organisation in establishing and maintaining excellence in its own operational and emergency response arrangements. We can provide the assessment skills and solutions for NGOs and civil authorities wishing to identify, assess and mitigate risk, and to train staff in the regular assessment and monitoring of operational risk

Risk assessment; why partner with CTS

Working with CTS provides a unique opportunity to view any mission or activity through the eyes of a team experienced in multi-national, multi-agency simulated emergency training.

We work with private companies, public bodies, governments, universities, education providers and not-for-profit organisations on improving their readiness if the worst happens.

Whether you are a national company with a single location, an international company with multiple offices, or are working in potentially volatile locations, CTS can prepare your people for the future. We devise realistic training scenarios that challenge your employees and executives through accurate and insightful versions of current world politics and events.

By equipping your people with the skills, lessons and knowledge to properly assess your risk now and into the future, you can plan ahead with confidence. CTS will tailor-make training programmes to bring everyone up to speed with the required skills quickly, efficiently and effectively.

CTS can also act as mission analysis and risk assessment consultants, examining your organisation's current position and possible future vulnerabilities. We will conduct detailed analysis of factors associated with your strategic and operational planning, and offer management solutions. Our service covers:

  • Policy creation
  • Knowledge development
  • Emergency planning and testing
  • Factor / mission analysis
  • Course of action / options analysis
  • Risk assessment / management

We can also help you analyse your training needs, and devise an emergency plan for your business. Or email us to discuss your specific requirements - john.cullen@ctsda.no