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Response Planning

Emergency Response Planning from CTS

As the saying goes, "We live in interesting times", which is precisely why your organisation must have robust emergency response planning in place.

Effective emergency planning begins with a thorough analysis of all the potential threats and situations that could affect your organisation, and an assessment of the consequences.

Effective emergency response planning by CTS

At CTS, we've got the experience to help your business devise an effective emergency response plan. We then test it through realistic, simulated exercises that challenge your staff and test their ability to respond.

Our emergency planning services are suitable for:

  • National companies and brands
  • International businesses
  • Multi-location organisations
  • NGOs and charities, especially if working in hostile conditions
  • Corporations working in volatile countries or political situations
  • Healthcare providers, hospitals and clinics

Crisis response and crisis management planning for all

It may not be the most cheerful of training exercises for you and your people, but having a robust and considered crisis response plan is absolutely vital. A University of Texas study discovered that only 6% of companies that have suffered a disaster or emergency situation will actually survive, let alone thrive.

Emergency planning assessment and response training from CTS first identifies the potential threats, and then equips your people to deal with the situation quickly and efficiently. Our team will help you plan every element of your crisis response, including:

  • Command and control
  • Communication
  • Logistics
  • Knowledge management
  • Performance assessment
  • Security of assets and personnel
  • Business contingency and continuity
  • Team or individual training for specific incidents

Scripting and training for simulated emergency exercises

We can also devise, script and deliver a whole-organisation training exercise to test your emergency response plan, and then adapt it using lessons learned. See our Exercise Design, Delivery and Scripting page for more details.

NATO experience, commercial focus

With years of experience working on multi-agency, multi-national exercises for NATO, our emergency response planning takes a truly world view of potential situations. Our Associate advisors are drawn from across both military and civilian life to bring extensive experience and world-class levels of expertise where required, so your plan is informed, in-depth and timely.

To discuss your specific requirements for emergency planning, disaster management, and for world-class business continuity training, contact CTS - john.cullen@ctsda.no