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Training Services

Corporate Training Services from CTS

Combining the best of military precision and expertise with corporate techniques and business experience, CTS offer a unique portfolio of training for:

  • National and international companies
  • Global corporations
  • NGOs, charities and aid organisations
  • Private companies
  • Executives, CEOs and other high profile individuals
  • Non-military forces such as police, border agencies, coast guards, etc
  • Government departments and local Civil Authorities

CTS have the experience in devising complex scenarios for training exercise to test your organisation's resilience and response in the face of multiple potential challenges, including:

  • Crises management and response plans
  • Security threat management
  • 'Road to crises' mapping
  • Natural disaster response
  • Multi-location risk assessment and management
  • Business continuity

Our highly experienced team and wide network of Associates have the skills, background and in-depth knowledge to offer tailor-made, exceptional quality simulation training for any corporate sector.

To discuss your particular requirements, contact us, or read on to discover more.