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The CTS Advantage

CTS are a specialised provider of complex and realistic training scenarios that prepare your people and your organisation for a whole multitude of complex emergencies through conflict and crisis management, disaster recovery and business continuity training exercises.

At CTS, we use our extensive experience creating training environments for NATO to create and deliver exercises for your organisation that go above and beyond in terms of accuracy, authenticity and efficiency.

The CTS Advantage: why choose us

  • Price may be the money you pay - but value is what you actually get. We draw on hand-picked, internationally-recognised expert Associates who have specific knowledge and skills in the areas being trained for. We’re incredibly selective about who we work with to ensure that we provide you with a team, rather than just a selection of individuals. That way we consistently exceed customer’s expectations, adding significant value to your training and lowering overall costs
  • We have the experience to focus in on your key issues that need to be addressed, creating a training scenario for your specific requirements based on real-world data
  • We use proven methodology for creating settings for training based on NATO’s Political, Military, Economic, Information and Infrastructure (PMESII) approach
  • We create a consistent, coherent and credible environment - and then employ a rigorous QA process to test it and refine it
  • Only when we are satisfied that it meets your needs and beyond will we make it happen, with the same efficiency and attention to detail in the delivery as in the planning

Email us at john.cullen@ctsda.no to discuss your specific requirements (in the strictest confidence, naturally) and we’ll contact you directly.

Our Associates

At the heart of our exceptional results is the high quality of our Associates. By only working with renowned crisis management, disaster recovery and exercise design experts with experience in the field, (many of who we have personally worked with on past projects), we ensure the quality, integrity and effectiveness of your training.

For more details, see our Associate Consultants page.

Projects and Partners

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