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Mid Summer 2019 Update!

TRIDENT JUPITER 2019 and TRIDENT JACKAL 2019 dominated the June/July period. CTS, its partners and its network were fully supporting JWC’s key deliverables for both exercises.

TRIDENT JACKAL 2019, although constricted by time due to SHAPE exercise change dynamics, is nevertheless a full blown SJO Non Article 5 challenge for HQ NRDC ESP. JACKAL Crisis Response Planning began early in June with a substantial CTS role player commitment to support the OLRT of NRDC ESP. CTS was leading the delivery of strategic documents, the SKOLKAN setting and scenario papers and provided the vital network for role playing the host nation government to bring alive the crisis in Arnland.  Over 17 SMEs provided by CTS enabled NRDC ESP to step into its role as a JTFHQ and prepare its CONOPS and OPLAN. Time imposed further pressure with the MELMIL scripting taking up the first half of July. The CTS Team once again proved its flexibility and in-depth knowledge of the scenario to meet all the aims and deliverables for the Exercise.

TRIDENT JUPITER 2019 sees the delivery of an enhanced OCCASUS setting and scenario as a result of the CTS leadership in ensuring relevance, credibility and challenge for SHAPE, JFC Brunssum and STRIKEFORCENATO. CTS facilitated the Operational Exercise Design Workshop, provided the key components of the HICON, INTEL, SIDECON, targeting and OPFOR cells in EXCON during the Incident Development Workshop for TRIDENT JUPITER 19-1 and is continuing to lead on the development of the enabling documents for TRIDENT JUPITER 19-2.

CTS continued its contribution to the new FIKSO Setting in the areas of targeting, crisis conflict scenario and IKM.  Its personnel are leading in the key areas in the development of the complex scenario and in facilitating critical scenario workshops.

CTS and RLC were awarded the exercise design and delivery contracts for SHAPE STEADFAST BONUS 2019 (BST) and JFC BRUNSSUM BST. Both BSTs are based on the challenges of the OCCASUS-N/JUPITER 19 setting and scenario under the leadership of CTS.

The summer months gave CTS the opportunity to demonstrate that it is at the heart of NATO Strategic and Operational Exercises providing a full spectrum of personnel capable of leading, planning, training, enhancing and executing all facets of the complex exercise process.

CTS continues to play a key role in challenging NATO’s Strategic and Operational Headquarters in credible conflict environments. ‘Preparing for war in order to maintain the peace’.






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