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CTS Continues to Support JWC and EUROCORPS

We expected 2019 to be a busy year and the first two months have provided a sample of the tempo.  CTS are providing leading consultancy on the JWC three largest projects at the moment; TRIDENT JUPITER 2019 (OCCASUS-N Setting); TRIDENT JUPITER 2020 (FIKSO Setting and the final act of SKOLKAN TRIDENT JACKAL 2019. CTS also completed support to EuroCorps’ final Phase of COMMON TENACITY 2019. 

The EuroCorps COMMON TENACITY 2019 MELMIL development for Execution was finalised by a strong CTS Team over December and January.  CTS with the support of RLC provided all the critical EXCON support for the Execution Phase in early February, ensuring the HQ met its mission objectives. The team was able to deliver a complex ambitious exercise at the right tempo to confirm EuroCorps were prepared as the LCC for TRIDENT JUPITER 19 certification. The CTS Team were congratulated by the HQ for their efforts and this place a key feather in CTS’ cap to deliver operational/tactical exercise to a key member of NATO’s Force Structure.

TRIDENT JACKAL 2019 was postponed as a result of a change of Training Audience.  NRDC-ESP is now on task and CTS support for the JACKAL series continues with the Planning Phase postponed to June and the Execution Phase shifted right to late September. This will be the last run out of the SKOLKAN 2 Setting in Arnland.

TRIDENT JUPITER 2019 is a very ambitious and complex exercise based on a substantially upgraded OCCASUS-N setting.  The country books and intelligence package have been released with CTS providing the critical lead and direction. The Planning Phase begins in March and will make full use of CTS Strategic Consultants to assist SHAPE in directing the exercise.

Meanwhile, CTS continues to be integral to the development of the FIKSO setting which will dominate the later part of 2019 and 2020.

CTS is looking forward to support NATO training and exercises and there are several future projects on the horizon for which CTS can continue to provide best value, professional and qualified consultants.

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