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June was a busy month for CTS.  The CTS team continued to provide extensive support to the NATO Joint Warfare Centre (JWC), playing critical roles in the delivery of Exercise TRIDENT JAGUAR 18 (TRJR18) and the development of TRIDENT JUNCTURE 18 (TRJE18), and for EuroCorps HQ in Strasbourg, designing and delivering their COMMON TENACITY series of exercises (18 and 19).

CTS has been a major partner for JWC in delivering the JAGUAR series to NATO Force Structure HQs (NFS) over the past 5 years.  CTS support to the JAGUAR series began with responsibility for the development of the SKOLKAN 2 setting/scenario and has included leadership roles in every aspect of the exercise planning, development and delivery process since 2014.  Exercise TRJR18 for NATO Rapid Deployment Corps (Greece) was the last in the JAGUAR series. The CTS team provided critical support for TRJR18, contributing the majority of the White Cell (13 staff), HICON, INTEL, Scenario, IKM and OPFOR Cells, to ensure that the exercise met all of the training objectives. The focus for future NFS exercises will be the JACKAL series, based on the SKOLKAN 2 scenario, and CTS is already involved in the planning and support to the next training audience, the ARRC.

CTS supported JWC and JFC Naples as part of the Exercise TRJE18 and JFC Naples BST scripting workshops.  TRJE18 will be the first of the OCCASUS series of exercises and will serve to certify JFC Naples and its components for NRF 19. CTS is providing several key players for both TRJE18 and the BST to include the SHAPE POLAD, NIFC INTEL Political Analyst, NIFC JISR/INTEL Analyst, Chief OPFOR, Chief Media and the EUSR/EEAS. 

CTS worked extensively with EuroCorps HQ in June.  CTS delivered all aspects of the setting and scenario and is now working with EuroCorps and 10 CAD on the MELMIL.  A CTS team led the delivery of the Incident Development Workshop for COMMON TENACITY 18, setting the conditions for the Scripting Workshop in September and execution phase in October.  The COMMON TENACITY series will prepare EuroCorps HQ for its role in NRF 20 as the LCC.

Additionally, CTS secured several contracts that confirm its reputation as leaders in the delivery of NATO Crisis Response and Management exercises and training, to include SHAPE’s BST in October 2018, core positions on JWC’s FIKSO project (NATO’s future setting) and a key IKM post for TRIDENT JACKAL 2019.   

‘CTS delivering comprehensive training for the real world’


CTS delivering comprehensive training for the real...