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About CTS, Comprehensive Training Solutions

CTS specialise in the creation of complex and realistic training environments for both defence and civil clients across Europe and worldwide. CTS was originally formed to work on complex training scenarios for NATO and our team has now expanded to deliver that ‘gold standard’ to international organisations, corporations, businesses, NGOs and private clients.

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Who are CTS?

CTS are a team of senior international ex-military officers, offering your organisation access to the highest standard of expertise in a variety of complementary disciplines from politics to logistics. Whatever the operating environment, we apply military standards of quality, efficiency, flexibility and dedication in designing bespoke solutions to your specific requirements.

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CTS: a short history

Founded in 2009, CTS provides the core element of NATO’s exercise scenario development team. We have played leading roles in all the premier NATO joint exercises since 2009, providing scenario support, role players and exercise management. As a leading military and civil Crisis Response consultancy, CTS has provided support to NATO nations and planning staffs from the Baltic to the Mediterranean.

We’ve also provided advice to national governments on training and exercises for crisis response and emergencies.

Email us at john.cullen@ctsda.no to discuss your specific needs and requirement for emergency response training, whether single or multi-agency.