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07 November 2020

CTS was selected by the German MOD to design, develop and deliver the German JSES HQ's PUCH21 exercise.  The CTS team will work alongside the JSES staff beginning in November 20 through to the execution phase in Oct 21.  The CTS team will be led by Jaap Langhenkel, who most recently led CTS' successful delivery of Eurocorps' Common Tenacity series of exercises.

CTS – Comprehensive Training Solutions for Military and Civil Clients

In an ever-shifting world, your organisation needs to be able to respond to changes quickly and effectively. We help you devise exercises and scenarios that train your people and shape your organisation for what might happen, so that if it does happen, your organisation is fully prepared.

Complex, in-depth emergency planning and training

CTS are internationally recognized experts in operational and emergency planning for both the defence and civil industry. Whatever your organisation, from national industry to international NGO, government body to multi-national defence force, CTS has the expertise, experience and knowledge to devise and deliver:

Complete exercise and training development service

We’re more than just crises management consultants. We devise, construct and conduct complex, realistic training exercises at all levels, supported by our team of respected leaders from military, governmental, business and international organisation backgrounds.

NATO training core provider

We were the primary contractors involved in Exercise ‘Trident Juncture 15’ a major, civil-military multi-agency exercise for NATO. We led the design of the scenario and ‘road to crisis’ and managed the successful involvement of the largest-ever number of international organisations in any NATO exercise. Participants included the European Union, USAID, DfID, UNICEF, Save the Children, World Vision, UNOCHA, World Food Program and the ICRC. This was a huge undertaking whose success drew praise from both NATO and civilian authorities.

So, when we say we can devise and deliver complex exercise scenarios, you know that’s a claim backed up by solid evidence, with the aid and insights of our highly qualified and experienced Associates who range from former Ambassadors to world-recognised technical experts.

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